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Having been founded in 2018 by two students, the „social workers“ were initially a two-men project.

Having realised the necessity of our services we were aiming at applying our abilities in a useful way to satisfy these needs. One year later - a rapidly passed year full of acquiring clients and making new experience – the small project besides studying has become a social media agency worth considering. Still with a young team and still at the beginning of our career we are happy to bring our online presence as part of our journey to a new level.

Yes, we are a social media agency. And yes, we also design websites.

About us

Full Social Media Management

Social Media has extended its function as a freetime activity long ago. Nowadays it is surely the most efficient and inexpensive method of making potential customers familiar with the spirit of your company. Since most businessmen lack either time or the know-how to present a convincing image of themselves on social media, we are here to help you. When you book the Full Social Media Management we completely take care of your appearance on social media. Based on a content plan, matching the concept of your business, we provide the best possible result without claiming any of your time.


Your community is going well, but you want to get onto the next level. You want to appeal to newcustomers or perhaps even to a new target group. Advertising on social media is inexpensive and effective. Yet you have to take into account a few essential aspects in order to get the maximum profit from the online advertisement and thus your money’s worth. That is why we think of advertising strategies and manage your advertising budget. The results are quite respectable, above all thanks to the fact that the receiver group and the target group can be matched and become almost identical.

Organic Growth

There are many who try to attract attention by untrustworthy comments and direct messages. Others simply buy the amount of followers they want. Those who prefer a true, fair and above allworkable range of followers join us. We allow your online presence to increase due to realcommitment and professional growth tools.

Single Campaigns

No matter if it is about sales, Christmas offers, new products or new locations, we draw attention to what is going on in your business. Single campaigns normally last from two to four months and bring excellent results. Leave the reins of your social media to us and we will rock your campaign.

Extra tuition

There are businessmen who prefer being in charge of their social media themselves or who already have staff ready to take it on additionally. In that case we offer to coach them. Just regularly make a couple of appointments and together we will make the most of your online presence.

Content Creation

Advertising production

Every day we are all flooded by countless advertising campaigns. Our production team knows what it takes nowadays to draw attention to your company, product or service in the best way. We provide the suitable content for all your advertising material ranging from classical product photos, locationshoots, look books to simple lifestyle productions.


Emotions. That is the most important reason for using an imagefilm. This is all about communicating the spirit of your company by means of the right marketing strategies in a short, concise and authentic way. Potential customers needn’t inform themselves any longer and this first impression brings us an advantage in competitiveness.

Event Content

At events you should make sure to preserve those unique moments, not only for marketingreasons. The difficulty is that the work can’t be done in normal shooting conditions. Our team meets this challenge thanks to the right equipment and a good eye for the essential thing.

Influencer Marketing

Influencers, the so-called stars of social media, make an effort to reach a large number of people by their contributions. The community of the influencer gets to see your product without considering it as a form of advertisement. In addition to that the potential customer believes a recommendation coming from the influencer to be particularly reliable. Choosing the right influencer and strategy is essential to succeed in influencer marketing. Our agency is in touch with top influencers of different lines of business. That way we make sure that we always offer you the most effective solution.

Influencer Relations

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